SPARK Magazine

SPARK is our official technical magazine; it is one of Chapter's main products. It is designed to cover all about the downstream sector with its branches of refining, petrochemical, and gas. An issue is published annually as a result of SPARK team effort. Each member of the team makes their mark in providing the magazine with the most valuable content in the sector to enrich youth with technical knowledge and developing its format with new unique sections to cover new special aspects. Our magazine consists of Forward Section for AIChE SUSC president and SPARK CEO, Interview Section with some leaders in petroleum downstream sector, Impulse Section including articles in the sector, Sparkollege Section explaining some important field subjects, New Technology Section including advanced technologies used in petroleum downstream sector, Case Study Section covering full information about a company, accidents with their reasons, results, and lessons to learn, and others, News Section covering earliest important news in the sector, and finally Chapter's News Section.

Magazine Editions