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AIChE stands for " American Institute of Chemical Engineers". It is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering professionals. It's a nonprofit organization with more than 60,000 members from over 110 countries worldwide.

AIChE, Suez University Student Chapter (AIChE SUSC) was founded in 2013 as a branch from AIChE International, and it includes a group of undergraduate students, dedicated to the advancement of academic learning techniques, and personal development systems, trying to create links between the university and the industry.

Ahmed El-Atar


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Managing and upgrading our website.
Responsible for creating online recruitment form, trainings form, online surveys, courses form and any form related to our events.
Working on raising our website reach and knowing how to get benefits from that.


Responsible for any needed graphic designs.
Responsible for making designs of our packages and printings.
Responsible for creating our online events and marketing for our programs.
Responsible for making motion graphic videos and designing our magazine.
Responsible for posting any update and creating non-technical content for all social media platforms and event.
Improving our Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts’ reach and marketing for them.

Mobile Application

Managing and upgrading our android application.
Expanding our application and launching it through App Store .
Responsible for uploading our magazine, ARChE, ATB and AIChE Capsules to our application.
Working on raising our application reach and knowing how to get benefits from that.

Voice Over

are responsible for producing audio and video content for chapter social media platforms. Our goal is to encourage self-learning by providing unique and simple video content that enriches our followers' technical information in the field of oil and gas or even on the side of developing their personal skills.


Responsible for our offline marketing in Suez University
Booking and delivering events tickets
Practicing their publicity duties at our booth (if existed)


Providing field trips and winter and summer trainings.
Providing technical courses by communicating with instructors.
Completing deals with sponsor(s), e.g. catering, media coverage, incash, etc. for our events.
Finding and contacting potential sponsors for our reference and our magazine


Conducting online and offline surveys about our courses and events
Cooperating with the HRM committee in discussing possible solutions for people problems and complains


Providing the required data for our campaigns.
Integrating with other committees by presenting technical sessions.
Implementing AIChE Refining Zone program.
Working on revising our reference and finishing the missed parts.
Responsible for developing ATB and AIChE Capsules.
Providing articles, case studies and interviews for our magazine.


Responsible for the members’ development by presenting non -technical sessions.
Providing workshops to practice the presented sessions and prepare a summarized report for each session.


Responsible for ground and online recruitment, reposition and hunting.
Responsible for filtration, screening and selecting processes
Responsible for the reviewing process through KPIs and evaluations


Responsible for the logistics of any event.
Responsible for our package deals.
Organizing our event, courses, trainings, conferences, meetings and parties.
Responsible for any extraordinary activities.


responsible Making new partnerships with AIChE chapters all over the world, Branding of Magazines internationally and nationally, increasing the student's awareness about Personal Branding, and Supplying students with necessary information about international conferences, competitions, and paper contests and how they can engage with them.


Chances of training

are given for the best members do the best for AIChE SUSC


technical and none technical

envents and conferences



be avaliable for student by a qualified groub of professors of professors


Field Trips

are organized to various companies per year


valuable prizes

are awarded to the best members


global prizes

like outstanding is awarded for AIChE SUSC as the BEST AIChE in the world


excellent students

join AIChE SUSC each season



on AIChE SUSC page on Facebook